soap picWhen you purchase a good natural artisan soap and or a hand poured candle, there are some things you can do to increase their longevity and performance.

Did you know that most soap in the grocery store has talc in it? Did you know most soap sold in stores is really not soap, but a “bar” because it is not made with oils. Well it is made with oil..petroleum oil, which is why it is a “bar” and not Soap!

This is to keep the soap from becoming a glob of soap in the shower and bath. And.. .this is why you have white scum on your shower door, or bathtub that needs to be scrubbed off.  Natural soaps may leave a bit of a ring in your tub, due to the oils in the soaps, but nothing like the stuff store brand soaps will leave. And they will become a a glob if you don’t take care of them.

 To keep your soaps firm after you use them, you will need to give them a chance to dry out and firm up. Natural soaps will melt away to nothing if they are kept wet. I guess we could pack them full of preservatives, talc and other stuff, but in my mind, that would be defeating the purpose.  Some of our soaps do have really good clay’s in them, which helps with the slip, and the way they behave. But they also need to be kept dry. The best thing to do is purchase a soapdish that allows air to circulate around the bar of soap. This will give the soap a longer shelf life and you can enjoy it that much longer.


More open jars
More open jars

Candles also are notorious for smoking and leaving  black on the ceiling, including mine…why? ..because the wick is not trimmed.  It is not the wax, all candles including paraffin, soy, beeswax, palm, etc will smoke if the wick is not trimmed. All wicks need to be trimmed to 1/4 inch,  which creates a small steady flame that will not smoke.

Have you ever had a candle that burned down the middle with a bunch of wax up the sides? This is usually due to a lack of a memory burn. What is a memory burn? It is when you start a candle and burn it long enough for a complete pool of wax to cover the whole surface of the jar.  This means you need to burn the candle for a while to create this wax pool which then creates the memory burn. Everytime there after you wax should burn all the way across and burn evenly. Another issue people find with candles is tunneling, which is kinda related to the memory burn. This is when the candle burns down the wick and then leaves a thick wall of wax on the sides. This usually is because you have lit the candle and then blew it out without allowing the candle to create a melt pool. If you continue to do this eventually you will have a tunnel and nothing short of scrapping out the wax will fix it. You need to burn a candle for at least an hour or longer (but no longer than 4 hours at a time) to discourage tunneling.  Did you notice I said in parentheses no longer than 4 hours at at time? I say that because around 4 hours it is time to clip the wick and let the candle cool down, and maybe it is time to fish out that little silver packet?? Anyway after you clip the wick if you have your candle placed on a surface that is not affected by heat, there should be no reason why you cannot relight. Use your best judgement.

Feel free to order more soap off this blog. However, we dont ship candles in the summer, and in the winter it is questionable, due to the cost of shipping a candle.   Contact me and I will let you know the shipping costs..and if unreasonable ( I usually think it is) then I will let you know what part of the state we are in and when we plan to be in your neck of the woods.

Stay clean and have a good day



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