We’d like to personally welcome you to the FireDancer StarDancer family.

FireDancer Candles and StarDancer BathWerks  was launched in 2013 by Ruth and Gayle, who have a passion for great smelling, hand poured candles and bath goods. We began making fine hand crafted soaps in 1999 for a small handful of our friends and co-workers. Because of Ruth’s love of scent she found she had a LOT of scents and too much soap for just her friends and family.  To use up those extra scents in 2012 Ruth began learning  how to make candles. When she finally found a formula that created a long burning, fragrant candle she and her husband Gayle started selling the soaps and candles at a local farmers market in Fresno, CA. During the farmers market Ruth also began making bath bon bons, salt scrubs and a variety of other bath products.

  Around 2015 we set off to share our hand crafted candles and bath products with a wider market.  We now find  ourselves traveling the state of California and near by states, attending music festivals, arts and craft fairs, and just about any street fair or gathering that seems interesting to us. We both hold full time jobs and getting out into a new city, and making new friends is like a mini vacation. We love sharing our products and love all the friends we have made along the way.  We definitely look forward to making new friends.

We have always had a warm reception, and our hand poured  FireDancerCandles have always been a hot seller (pun intended!).  Our bath products have also gotten bubbly reviews and year after year we have developed a following.  We are always asked, ‘Can we buy these online?’ and to be honest, we’re not web developers at all, but we set about the task of creating a website, and this is why you are here today!

Our website is handmade and our photographs are shot by us. As with our candles, and bath products everything you see here is created by us, and we’re kind of proud of that.

We encourage you to explore our websites, check out our candles, and  our bath products which (not posted yet, but will) include soaps, scrubs, solid bubble bath, and pre teen deodorant just to name a few.  At many peoples request we have also added ourr upcoming craft fair events.

Of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.