Information about our wax and jar sizes.

Our Jar sizes

Candle sizes vary. We are using several different jars and glasses.

Our Mini (the smallest candle we offer) it is a 4 oz jar.

The Small is an 8 ounce Jelly Jar.

The Medium   is a 10 ounce  premium Status jar.  It comes with a heavy glass lid.

Our Fundraiser (not for sale, but available to fundraising groups) is a 11 ounce straight sided tumbler jar, in a box. The jar is reusable as a small juice glass.

The Large candle is currently in transition. We have been using 16 ounce canning jars, and will be transitioning to 14 ounce Old Fashioned with a heavy based glass, with lid.  Both candles have around the same amount of wax in them, they are just shaped differently. You will likely get the canning jar until they are all gone. We still in the early stages of transition.

Our Wax

What kind of wax do we use? We use 2 types of wax. 

We use paraffin wax which has a really low melt point, and holds the fragrance longer than most candle waxes.

We are also staring to branch out and will eventually use only coconut wax.

Both waxes are know to hold scent really well. Which is what we are all about, highly scented candles.  The coconut wax costs a bit more, and color is a bit muted, but totally worth it!

Currently we are offering both. You can purchase a paraffin wax candle or a coconut candle. We also have provided size choices on each scent. If unable to make a choice in wax or size, then that option is currently not available.